These New iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S Rumors Are More Surprising Than You Would Think

It’s that time of year again where the tech industry goes into overdrive, publishing even the wildest rumors about the latest iPhone models from Apple. While we’ve already seen the usual mixture of down-to-earth and far-fetched rumors about the iPhone 7S and 8, some of those going around are not only pretty convincing- they are also very surprising. We expect major changes to iphone screen repair seattle due to these updates. This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, so many people suspect there will be a significant redesign of the phone. One of the more convincing rumors being thrown about is that the latest iPhones will ditch the large borders around the screen which have been a key part of the iPhone look, and instead opt for a screen that runs all the way to the edge. This would bring Apple in line with other phone manufacturers like Samsung, and it’s fairly certain that this is one rumor which will turn out to be true.

Expect more Glass Repairs for the iPhone 8 in Seattle

Another significant potential redesign could be the introduction of an all-glass iPhone. Many people are firmly against this move, as it could potentially make the already notoriously fragile iPhones even more prone to damage. However, an all-glass design would at least allow the new iPhones to incorporate wireless charging- and again, this is something which is becoming the standard in the latest phone models across the board.

Seattle iPhone 8 Camera Repairs are More Complicated

Just last week, Apple accidentally released the firmware for their upcoming HomePod smart speaker, before quickly withdrawing it again. However, they weren’t fast enough to prevent savvy coders from taking a look through that firmware- and within it, they found dozens of references to a facial-recognition camera. This makes it extremely likely that there will be such a camera in the upcoming iPhone 7S and iPhone 8, especially since Apple have already incorporated fingerprint recognition into recent iPhone models.

Is this the end of iPhone Home Button Repair in Seattle? No more Home Button on the iPhone?

Also buried in that firmware was one line of code that’s really surprised a lot of people: “deviceHasHomeButton, 0”. In programmer speak, that means there isn’t one. So, what would replace the home button? There’s reference to a “home indicator”, which would seem to be a virtual home button that can appear and disappear on the screen as and when needed.
Of course, the demise of the home button would seemingly mean an end to fingerprint recognition. This makes the facial recognition camera even more likely, so that users would still be able to unlock their iPhone without inputting the passcode. According to some reports, Apple has been trying to find a way of putting the fingerprint sensor below the screen, but this hasn’t been going too well. The fingerprint sensor might therefore make a comeback a year or two down the line, but for now, it seems like it won’t be making an appearance this time around.

Of course, the only way we’ll find out if these rumors are true is to wait for the official unveiling of the iPhone 7S and iPhone 8. Until then, though, it appears that the latest models will present a significant change to Apple’s flagship product, and while extra features will probably make an appearance, we could well see the demise of not only the phone’s signature front design, but also the home button as well.

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