What Will The New iPhone Be Called? iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S?

The new iPhone will be called iPhone 8 according to leaked information from Apple. Experts predict a major design change with the new iPhone 8 that will launch on Fall of 2017. This is why the new iPhone will not be called iPhone 7S.

There are already plenty of rumors flying around about the next model of iPhone, but there’s still one big mystery to be solved- what is it going to be called? With so many hardware tweaks in the works, you would think that they would simply call it the iPhone 8. Experts predict that in seattle iPhone 8 screen repair will not change very much if the name of the iPhone is different. However, several hints point towards an alternate name, with a few different suggestions being thrown about.

Some experts predict the new iPhone may be called “iPhone 7S”

Traditionally, Apple have released new iPhones with the “S” branding in odd numbered years– so this would fit with the scheduled release date of around December. It certainly looks like there will be a 7S and a 7S Plus released soon, which will keep the same basic design as the previous couple of generations. But it seems like a third model will also be released this year- so just what will that one be called?

Most people discussing the new iPhone have automatically assumed that it will be called the iPhone 8. After all, that fits in with the standard naming of the latest flagship model, and with new features like an all-glass body and face recognition camera being rumored, this model would certainly deserve such status. But the fact is, there haven’t been eight iPhones. Even the second iPhone was named the iPhone 3G, and the fifth was named the iPhone 4S. That means there’s precedent for Apple ditching the linear naming when it suits them- especially if they have a big point to prove.

Could the 10th anniversary of the iPhone mean that we’ll see a “iPhone 10” or “iPhone X”?

One reason why some think that Apple might not name their next phone the iPhone 8 is because 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone. You would think that Apple would want to celebrate this landmark, especially since they have had such a huge impact on the world of phones in the years since then. Surprisingly, though, they haven’t made much of a deal of it- so it could be that they are saving the surprise until the big reveal of their next phone.

Some industry experts are therefore suggesting that the next iPhone might will be named the iPhone X, as in the Roman numeral for 10. It’s not completely unprecedented for tech companies to ditch linear numbers when it suits them- after all, Microsoft skipped from Windows 8 to Windows 10, so Apple may well do the same. Why not just “10”? Well, Apple have previously used the “X” designation for their OS X operating system, and it would make the jump a few numbers forward seem a little less confusing if it comes in a slightly different form.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7s - What will the new iPhone be called?

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus for comparison

What is the most likely name of the new iPhone?

It’s likely that the next version will simply be named the iPhone 8. However, this is Apple we’re talking about, so there’s always a chance they will do something completely unexpected. Of course, all this remains speculation until we actually see the latest model officially unveiled by Apple at their next press conference.

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