While we’re still awaiting the official unveiling of the next model of iPhone, the iPhone 8, there are already plenty of rumors flying around about just what we can expect from the new device. From Apple themselves accidentally leaking code that contains some telling hints about the future of their devices, to images that purport to show the latest iPhone in action, there’s certainly been a lot of talk about what major changes can be expected in the iPhone 8. An All Glass iPhone 8 will certainly create a lot of new work for nearby iPhone screen repair stores.

Will Apple’s iPhone 8 Be All Glass?

Many people have been fairly taken aback by the idea that the next iPhone could be made entirely out of glass. After all, iPhones are notoriously easy to break, so a lot of consumers believe that making the whole body of the phone out of glass could make them even more fragile. However, and all-glass body is actually a lot more durable than you think.

The last time we saw an iPhone with a glass back was all the way back with the iPhone 4s. It’s true that those phones were on the fragile side, and that’s why many think that a return to this design approach is a bad idea. However, advances in glass production since then mean that the iPhone 8 will be a lot tougher than its predecessor.

What are the All Glass iPhone Manufacturing Rumors?

In fact, an all-glass phone would actually beat the durability of previous iPhones in a few key areas. Most importantly, a glass body will not only be less prone to scratches, but any scratches that it does pick up will be a lot less visible. Compare this with the jet-black iPhone 7, which many users found picked up scratches like a magnet, and it’s clear why Apple are considering a move to glass.

It’s not yet clear whether Apple have developed their own material to use in the production of the iPhone 8, or if they are partnering up with a third-party. If the latter is true, then it’s likely that they’ll work with Gorilla Glass, as they have done in the past. Since the iPhone 4s, there have been four whole generations of Gorilla Glass- meaning significant improvements over the earlier model.

Why Would Apple Make an All Glass iPhone 8?

As well as making the phone look and feel a lot more comfortable, there are also a couple of technical reasons behind the potential move to a glass body for the iPhone 8. Firstly, it would mean that the signature black “antenna lines” that have previously been a necessity could finally be completely removed from the iPhone’s design. A glass body doesn’t block radio waves, so there’s simply no need to include them. What’s more, a glass body would also allow for wireless charging, a concept that several other phone companies are already rolling out. Apple likes to lead the tech industry, not play catchup, so it’s pretty much essential for them to offer wireless charging at this stage.

So, there are actually plenty of reasons why an all-glass iPhone 8 actually makes sense. It would mean less scratches on your phone, and make for a device that feels better in your hand. It would also make it easier than ever to charge your phone, and remove the need to rely on Apple’s famously flimsy charging cables. All in all, a glass iPhone is something that we should welcome with open arms- and it seems almost certain that we can expect one by the end of this year.

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