It happens to everyone. No matter how hard we might try, it seems our phones have an affinity for finding a nice source of water to bathe in. Whether it’s a pond, a pool, or even the toilet, dropping your phone into water is not a pleasant experience for anyone. That being said, there are ways to fix your phone if you do find yourself standing above it as it takes a dip in the toilet. Below you will find tips for fixing your water damaged phone yourself, as well as prices for professionals water damage repair, and common types of water damage your phone might be suffering from.

Common Types Of Water Damage

There are three internal components in your cellphone that can be damaged. This includes the capacitors, the resistors, and the integrated circuits that contain the phone’s memory chips. There are hundreds of these small components within your phone (there are 760 capacitors in an iPhone 6), and each one can be subject to damages from water or other harmful irritants and suffer from corrosion.

These contents are so small that the work they’re doing within your phone cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they are incredibly important for your phone’s functioning. When any of these components get wet and stop working, your phone’s functioning significantly decreases until it won’t work at all.

How Do You Fix A Water Damaged Phone?

The most important thing to remember when you drop your phone in water is not to panic. Generally, the newer models of the iPhone are water-resistant and will withstand water up to a certain amount of time or depth.

The first step to fixing a water damaged cell phone is to turn the phone off and sop away any excess water with a towel. Then, take out your SIM card to avoid further water damage.

After a few hours of drying, try to turn your iPhone back on. If it doesn’t turn back on immediately, there are a few more troubleshooting options. Some say putting your phone in a bag of rice to draw the moisture out is the best bet, but others say this can actually harm your phone further.

The best drying agents seem to be silica gel or silica-based cat litter. If you can get your hands on either of these, sticking your phone in a ziplock bag full of one of them might be your best bet at drying your iPhone out by yourself.

Other troubleshooting options you can try include cleaning the inside of your phone and removing the battery. While this can be done by the phone owner, it’s usually best if this is completed by a professional with the proper tools. As far as the battery goes, liquids can quickly penetrate the outer wrap of the battery and cause serious damage, so if you can take it by yourself it might save your battery’s life.

Professional Water Damage Repair

If none of the DIY phone-fixing options have worked for you, it might be time to take your phone somewhere it can be professionally fixed. Repair shops have tools that aren’t at your disposal at home, and therefore will certainly have a better shot at fixing a water damaged iPhone.

For iPhones, it’s usually best to get your phone repaired at an Apple Star. If you have a warranty through Apple, getting your one repaired elsewhere can void your warranty and cost extra money down the line.

According to the Apple website, if your iPhone is covered by an Apple warranty, the only charge you’ll have to pay for repair is the “accidental damage fee”.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Water Damaged Iphone?

If you don’t have a warranty, the repair for water damage depends on your iPhone’s model. The following are the prices of repair for several specific iPhone models:

iPhone Model Cost
iPhone 11 Pro Max $599
iPhone 11 Pro $549
iPhone 11 $399
iPhone XS Max $599
iPhone XS $549
iPhone X $499
iPhone XR $399
iPhone 8 Plus $399
iPhone 8 $349
iPhone 7 Plus $349
iPhone 7 $319
iPhone 6s Plus $329
iPhone 6s $299
iPhone 6 Plus $329
iPhone 6 $299
iPhone SE $269
iPhone 5s $269
iPhone 5c $269
iPhone 4 $199
iPhone 4s $149

How To Best Protect Your Phone From Water Damage

For those who work or live around water, water damage to cell phones can be more than an inconvenience. A swim coach who drops their phone in the pool once a week, or a fisherman who loses their cell in the lake every other month, can be subject to serious fees and complications due to water damage.

No one wants to deal with a water damaged phone, that’s the bottom line! If you are someone who feels like they are constantly having to repair their phones, here are some tips to keep your phone safe from puddles, pools, and even the dreaded toilet!

Waterproof Cases

Waterproof cases are an awesome investment for someone who is often around water or even someone who isn’t. There are tons of case-companies that have great waterproof options, including Lifeproof or Dog & Bone, both of which come highly recommended.

Most waterproof cases are also useful because they’re dual purpose. Not only do cases from brands like Lifeproof protect from water damage, but also shock damage, and even damage caused by dust or other irritants.

Screen Protectors

Just like phone cases, screen protectors can protect your phone from water damage. However, if water does get beneath your screen protector, it might be prudent to remove it from your phone. That way, water will not be trapped beneath the protector, and the screen will not be damaged further.

And also like phone cases, screen protectors protect your phone from more than just water damage. Shock damage that would normally cause a screen to shatter can be dissipated using a screen protector.

Backing-Up Your iPhone

If all else fails, and your phone can’t be fixed, you’ll have to get it replaced. In this case, hopefully you’ll have backed up your data somewhere, so it can be easily accessed and used in your new phone.

With an iPhone, it’s likely you’ll be using iCloud or iTunes to restore your phone. These programs make regular backups, and you’ll be able to take your data from your old phone and transfer it to your new phone with ease.

The steps are as follows. Take your new phone and, when you reach the Apps & Data screen, select “Restore from iCloud Backup”. Next, enter your Apple ID and password, choose the most recent backup, and enter any passwords the system needs! There you have it, very fast, simple, and easy!

We all know how frustrating water damage can be, but dropping your phone in a puddle might not be the end of its life! Between home remedies and professional repairs, you can rest assured that your water damaged cell phone can be fixed. And, if it is too far gone, next time think about putting a case or screen protector on your phone!

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