iPhone & iPod Battery Replacement Prices: For the iPhone, Apple will certainly service the battery on iPhone versions as old as the iPhone 3G up to the most current. As of this writing, they charge US$ 79 for iPhone battery service. But can you fix a broken battery very quickly in seattle?

Yes, a local iphone repair shop in seattle can replace your battery within 24 hours. A well-cared-for iPhone or iPod could last years, yet there’s a disadvantage to that durability: one way or another, you’re going to need battery substitute.

iphone battery replacement in seattle

iphone battery replacement in seattle

Apple Authorized Service Providers in Seattle

Apple Authorized Service Providers– Apple isn’t the only firm authorized to offer repair services. There’s likewise a network of authorized service providers whose team has actually been educated as well as certified by Apple.

Before you contact an iphone repair shop try these tricks in the video.
Here is a video showing how to improve your battery life:

When you get a repair from these shops, you can be sure that you’re obtaining good, knowledgeable help and your warranty won’t be invalidated (if your tool is still under guarantee). Locate a certified service provider near you at Apple’s website.

Do It Yourself– If you’re convenient, you can change your tool’s battery yourself. This is a little harder, yet Google will provide with you several companies ready to market you the devices and battery you need to do this.

Search “iphone battery replacement in seattle” and also you’ll likely find a decent choice, typically with rates reduced compared to Apple’s. Unless they’re Apple licensed, their team might not be specialists and they could damage your tool by mistake.

If you’re still satisfied with every little thing else regarding your iPhone or iPod, you could not want to acquire an entire brand-new tool when all you need is a new battery.

Repair Shops– Many internet sites and also mall kiosks use iPhone and also iPod battery replacement solutions.

Seattle iPhone Battery Replacement Program

Apple– Apple provides a battery replacement program for both in- as well as out-of-warranty models via its retailers and internet site. There are conditions, yet several older designs should qualify. Stop in and also discuss your alternatives if you’ve got an Apple Store nearby. Or else, there’s excellent information on Apple’s web site about both iPhone repair and iPod repair.

A device that’s utilized regularly could begin to show reduced battery life after 18-24 months (though some last a lot longer). If you’ve still obtained the device after 2 or three years, you’ll likely notice that the battery holds much less juice, making it less valuable.

The battery on both tools is not (conveniently) exchangeable by customers since the gadget’s instance has no screws or doors. Exactly what are your options?

For the iPod, prices vary from $39 for an iPod Shuffle to $79 for an iPod touch in seattle. For iPods, however, Apple just services the battery on much more current designs. If you’ve obtained an iPod that’s a couple of generations old, you’ll most likely need to choose other repair choices.

Should you Keep Using a Dead Battery?

Changing the dead or dying battery in your iPhone or iPod may seem like a good idea, but is it constantly worth it? It truly depends upon how old the device is. I would certainly advise coming close to the problem like this:

  • If your gadget is still under warranty, yes, most definitely change the battery.
  • If it’s just recently from guarantee and also still working well for your requirements, it probably makes good sense to replace the battery.
  • If it’s out of guarantee and also a few generations behind/a few years of ages, it probably doesn’t make sense to replace the battery.
  • In the last situation, you should consider the price of changing the battery versus the cost of a new tool.
  • If you’ve got a 4th gen. iPod touch that needs a brand-new battery, that will certainly cost you $79. Acquiring a brand brand-new iPod touch begins at simply $199, a little over $100 more. For that cost, you get all the most recent hardware and software. Why not take the plunge as well as get a better device?

How to Extend iPhone Battery Life

You could avoid requiring battery replacement as long as possible by taking great care of your battery. Apple recommends doing the adhering to points to provide your battery the lengthiest possible life expectancy:

  • Maintain your tool in a great location– apples iphone and also iPods work best when they’re utilized in an ambient temperature in between 32 and also 95 degrees Fahrenheit (0-35 C). Operating the tool in these temperature levels can completely harm the battery. You particularly do not intend to charge your device if the ambient temperature is over 95 levels, as this could additionally harm the battery.
  • Eliminate instances before powering– Some safety instances could cause your gadget to obtain as well warm while it powers. Removing the case can assist them stay trendy while getting power.
  • Power the battery before long-term storage– If you’re preparing not to use your iPhone or iPod for a long time, charge its battery to 50% and then transform it off. If you store it for long time periods, charge it to 50% every 6 months.
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